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Position matrices and registration instructions are available here: https://www.wasmun.org/registration

Contact the Secretary-General for questions: sg@wasmun.org
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Does your delegation request a position on the International Court of Justice? *
Each judge is represented by 1 student. For each case, the parties (the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, and the State of Palestine and the United States of America, respectively) will have 2 advocates represented by 2 students. The advocates for one case will be Judges ad hoc for the other case according to the assignment on the ICJ position matrix. Each pair of advocates will be assigned to the same school. For any questions regarding the International Court of Justice, you can email the Secretary-General (sg@wasmun.org).
WASMUN policies
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The WASMUN Photography and Videography Policy is available here: https://www.wasmun.org/registration/policies
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The WASMUN Payment Policy is available here: https://www.wasmun.org/registration/policies
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