'Learn More About Value Investing Mentorship' Form - Just 2 Minutes to fill in but it may change your life :)
If you are on this page, you are likely interested to learn more about Chris's exclusive value investing mentorship financial education program (VIM), where you'll learn how to make better decisions in stocks and options (buy and sell, put and calls) - from a real investor who has beaten the market return consistently so far - with a proper framework so we can invest confidently and live a happier life...speeding up your journey to financial freedom.

Till date, coachees that have gone through sessions with Chris have all achieved market-beating results in the markets.... and Chris continues to be a mentor to them - which is a key benefit of a VIM member.

However, this only happens when coachees are the right fit for the program. As a result, Chris is very selective about who he coaches.

Please take just 2 minutes to fill out the responses below so Chris can qualify if you are the right fit for this unique financial education program and whether he can help you accelerate your results with his effective small group educational teaching method that is paced out over 12 sessions - utilizing both stocks and options strategies - with applications through 12 individualized marked assignments in the span of 4 to 6 months.

Value Investing Mentorship USP: Get mentored in intimate coaching groups of less than 5 (instead of in large groups of 20-50 at once - where the learning curve can be very steep).

If you fill up this 2 minutes form and Chris finds that you are the right fit, he will arrange a quick zoom call to share with you more about VIM more in detail, including the pricings and options on how to become a member.
Are you looking to learn a sustainable investment strategy instead of stock tips or get rich quick schemes? *
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Are you currently free of debt and is in a comfortable place with regards to your work/business? (We believe that it is hard to focus on investing if we have not taken care of our basic needs) *
Do you have at least 20-35k SGD of spare cash (or will have) in the next 3-6 months to grow your wealth properly through stock investingĀ (to be able to utilize both stocks and options strategy properly)? *
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