Fashion Confession to the Sea
Welcome to your confession session.

For several decades, the global fashion industry has been heavily criticized by the sustainability movement. Both insiders and outsiders of the fashion system somehow understand consequences of their actions.

However, it is difficult to freely talk about what you may have done wrong (un)intentionally to the environment, society, or/and people on the other side of the world.

Meanwhile, the nature is mysteriously generous. In particular, the sea can let go of your wrongdoings with the eternal tide that comes and goes (gently or wildly).

This is a chance for you to make a confession anonymously to the sea.
The sea may forgive you in love and peace.

Here, the sea also refers to the Baltic Sea Lab / Hidaka Ohmu installation, located at Glasshouse Helsinki (Aleksanterinkatu 13, Helsinki Finland) in the city centre area. The temporary installation organizes a series of activities, including this.

1. Please submit one confession of your 'fashion sin'.
2. Relating to the 'fashion sin', please submit an action idea that can make over your wrongdoing.

Collectively together with others, your confession/idea will be further developed through an audiovisual material later.

If you have any question on this intervention or want to participate it via Zoom, please contact Namkyu Chun (Lecturer at Aalto University, Finland): namkyu.chun[a]
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This form is designed to be part of Creative Practices for Transformational Futures (CreaTures). CreaTures is a three-years H2020 project that explores the potential of creative art and design practices in supporting socio-ecological transformation. The project involves a consortium of 11 partners working closely together while combining their expertise from sustainability-oriented art, design, research and policy. Starting from the proposition that creative practices hold immense potential in supporting sustainable transformations but their impact is largely under-utilised, the consortium conducts a systematic practice-based interrogation to demonstrate the power of arts to move the world towards sustainability. Through direct engagement and co-creation, our Observatory, Laboratory, and Evaluation procedures bring together diverse creative projects and develop insights allowing them to focus their efforts more effectively. Drawing on evolving outcomes, we provide recommendations for policy-makers and implementers to help them see the merit of employing creative techniques.
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Thanks to the invitation for collaboration from Julia Lohmann, Professor of Practice in Contemporary Design at Aalto University (ARTS / Design), this intervention was realized. In addition, special thanks to Aalto University's CreaTures team, as well as the Art of Research 2020 conference team. This intervention is related to Namkyu Chun's exploratory presentation at the conference ("Critical Notes on Designing Fashion: The Ironic Relationship between Authorship and Responsibility"). Visit the conference website:
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