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About This Survey
Throughout this survey, we will refer to landlines many times, which can refer to both the physical lines that wire your house to the telephone exchange as well as the telephone you use to place and receive calls. For survey purposes, we are talking about the line connecting you to your telephone company, not the telephone itself. For example, if you have a wireless home phone system that plugs into the landline phone jack in your home, the telephone itself isn't a landline obviously, but it's still using landline technology. For survey purposes. as long as your telephone uses the actual landline technology, it counts as a landline. However, a landline telephone that doesn't connect to a phone jack and uses a wireless or internet connection is NOT a landline. For example, digital VoIP systems, AT&T Digital Life and Magic Jack are NOT landline services. (If your telephone uses traditional copper lines, that's a landline).

There are a few questions near the end of this survey that will allow you to answer regarding your home phone regardless of whether or not it is a landline. Those questions are explicitly marked.

If you are a student, please ask your parents for answers if you are unsure of all of these answers. Our goal is to have 100% accurate data.

*As of right now, this survey has entered its finalized state. We do not expect any more questions to be added at this time. If you find errors in this survey, you may report them to us, but they will most likely not be fixed.
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