2019 South Sound Rocks! Application
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South Sound Rocks! is a day camp for youth* ages 8-17. Campers spend the week connecting with music and their inner-strengths; learning instruments, writing original music with a band, exploring different styles and sounds, and delving into what it means to be a “strong” or “successful” person. At the end of the week, campers will perform their song with their bands at a local live music venue!

Campers do not need to have any prior music experience and instruments will be provided.

South Sound Rocks! Dates: August 5-10, 2018
Camp Venue: First Creek Middle School, Tacoma
Showcase: August 10

*All people who identify as female (cis or trans*) or gender non-conforming are welcome to be campers or volunteers in leadership positions at RCRC.
I read the "South Sound Rocks! Information" document on the application page of the website. *
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Please list all known conditions so that we may accommodate your camper's needs. It is very important that all conditions are reported to us with detail. This will not affect their acceptance into camp and will help us to provide necessary staffing and support. All information will be kept confidential and shared only with the camp staff as necessary to provide proper care for your camper.
Does the camper have any medical conditions or allergies? *
If yes, please list all known medical conditions:
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Does the camper have any behavioral or emotional issues? *
Again, it is very important that all conditions are reported to us with detail. This will not affect their acceptance into camp and will help us to provide necessary staffing and support.
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Is there anything else you feel we need to know about your camper in order to best accommodate their needs?
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Who are some of your favorite bands, musicians or styles of music?
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Please indicate your first, second, third, and fourth choices in camp instrument. *
We will do our best to give you your first choice, but to form bands we need a certain ratio of instruments. Not everyone will get their first choice of instrument, but every instrument is awesome!
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If you have any music experience or played music before, please tell us about it?
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Are you right or left handed?
The Express Yourself Piece (EYP) component of this application is a way for our camp staff to get to know you better!

We are asking that all campers create something that exemplifies who you are and what the theme of the year means to you. This year's theme is "Rock It Like We Talk It." Camper submissions should incorporate what the theme means to them or how they "Rock It Like They Talk It" in their life. Please visit our website for more information about the theme!

The EYP can be in any format you choose, such as a painting, song, video, collage, etc. The more creative, the better! We are so excited to see what you come up with and may even feature your EYP on the RCRC Instagram page!
I understand that I must send in my Express Yourself piece (preferably by email to programsupport@raincityrockcamp.org) within two weeks of submitting my application. *
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Our primary method of communication is email.
Is there another person you would like us to contact if we cannot reach you by the information you listed?
If so, please list their NAME and RELATIONSHIP to the camper.
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A sliding scale is a tool that can provide equitable access to skill-building and life-long learning opportunities, regardless of financial resources. This method of payment requires active participation and personal reflection on what makes sense for your family’s financial situation, and how you would like to support learning in the Rain City Rock Camp community. The sliding scale is one way of acknowledging differences in wealth, income, costs, and privilege and actively address the economic disparities in our communities and society. Rain City Rock Camp is moving towards this model as a way to say ‘no’ to the ways things are and ‘yes’ to the ways we believe things can be, while providing an excellent rock camp experience for all.

Our scale is $425 - $5. At $425, our organization still subsidizes many costs involved with operating this program. If you would like to donate beyond this, you will be contributing to keeping camp accessible AND that donation is tax deductible!
Tuition Pledge *
Note: Anything over $425 is a tax deductible donation!
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Please provide more information about your answer above.
This will help us to better understand your situation. All information is confidential.
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I understand that enrollment notices are sent on May 30, 2019, and once confirmed, I must pay the tuition I entered, above, by June 14, 2019. Tuition can be paid online or sent to 117 E Louisa St #445, Seattle, WA 98102. *
Initial here to confirm you understand how to complete your camper's enrollment.
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Creating a program that reflects the diversity in our communities is a priority. In addition, we are frequently required to report on the demographics of our program for grants, to contribute to statistics to our affiliate camps (GRCA) or other data collection purposes. Providing the following information will help us with accurate reporting.

This information is very important and will not affect your camper's admittance into camp.

Thank you so much for your time and information!
1. Does your camper qualify for free/reduced lunch at school?
2. Estimated annual household income
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3. How many people live in your household?
Please list the number of adults and the number of children.
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4. Please check any and all that apply to your camper, or write their preferred identity.
5. How did you hear about us? (Both for the first time and more recently?)
Be specific as possible, including names! (List friends, websites, news organizations, radio shows, etc.) We would like to know which areas of outreach are working for us, so the more detail you provide, the better!
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