Sports Physio UK - Patient Appointment Request
Ensuring the safety of our staff and patients (both yourself and others), we are open for appointments within strict governing body guidelines.

At present, we are only permitted to offer face to face appointments to patients if it reduces the likelihood of them seeing an alternate health professional. You may consider the symptoms you currently experience, or the symptoms which could deteriorate further without treatment from us.

As an alternative to face-to-face appointments, we offer video consultations which can be an effective method to receive expert musculoskeletal advice and rehabilitation without exposing yourself to the risks of face-to-face treatment.
What we are doing to reduce COVID-19 risk
We have completed Covid-specific risk assessments for the business.
We are pre-screening patients before booking, and before arrival.
When you arrive for your appointment, you must wait outside the building until asked to enter.
Therapists are lone working to minimise the number of people in the building.
Our admin team are working from home.
Appointments are staggered to ensure you do not cross paths with another patient.
Chairs have been replaced with wipeable chairs.
Staff will not travel to/from work in their uniform.
Non-necessary items such as leaflets and brew facilities have been removed from the treatment rooms.
We ask you do not bring unnecessary coats or bags into treatment with you.
You must attend alone unless an adult chaperone is required.
Chaperones will also be screened on arrival, and their personal details collected for contact tracing.
We will take your temperature before entry to the building is permitted.
You will be provided with a face mask and hand sanitiser on arrival.
Your therapist will be wearing a mask, visor and apron.
The room is being cleaned before you enter and when you leave.
Where possible, the treatment room doors and windows will be left open.
Use of reception/waiting areas and toilet facilities is not permitted.
Without treatment, do you feel it is likely you could need to see an alternate health professional (i.e. GP, pain killers, scans, treatment, advice etc)? *
What type of appointment do you require? *
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