Kleos Racing League Sign-Up
Please only sign up to this league if you are willing to commit a FULL season in KRL. KRL will be running all 22 races for the new F1 2020 game. KRL accepts any drivers, whether you are new or an experienced league racer.

Please make sure to read the rules which can be found within the official KRL discord server. (Link at end of sign up)
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Preferred Team-Mate (If Applicable)
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Please select which assists you will be using within KRL. (These may effect which tier you are placed in, Only select the assists which you will be running)
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PLEASE JOIN THE DISCORD https://discord.gg/A4A5V7a
To complete your sign up and confirm a spot within KRL for Season 2, It is a requirement to join our Discord server.

Thank you for signing up to KRL Season 2! Please make sure you have joined the discord server using the link above or your application for the league will not be put forward. If you have any issues, please contact us on twitter @KleosRacing.
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