Technology Disclosure / Competition Submission
Completing this form accomplishes both disclosing your technology and entering it into an annual invention competition. Disclosing your technology enables us to help turn your research into reality for the benefit of society. Though most of the questions are optional, please complete the form to the best of your ability.

After you submit this form, you should automatically receive a receipt confirming that your submission was received along with a complete copy of everything you submitted.

Shortly after submitting your form, you will receive a document via email that you must sign electronically. Your disclosure/competition entry is not complete until the DocuSign form has been signed! The document states:

“As defined in Board of Regents policy/regulation and/or the applicable collective bargaining agreement, I am entitled to a portion of the net proceeds derived from the commercialization of my technology. In general and subject to the terms of my employment, I am entitled to 50% of net proceeds derived from commercialization of works and the first $10,000 plus 50% thereafter of net proceeds derived from commercialization of patented technologies.

The University of Alaska’s ownership of this technology derives from Board of Regents policy/regulation and/or the applicable collective bargaining agreement. The University of Alaska’s ownership may be limited to the extent to which the technology was developed using university resources.”

Disclosing a Technology: After you disclose your technology, an OIPC representative most likely will follow up with you to talk more about the innovation, OIPC will perform a marketability and patentability evaluation, the Intellectual Property Advisory Committee will review and recommend whether to pursue IP protection, and then OIPC will work to market and license the technology.

If you have any question about whether you should disclose your innovation, please contact us at As a general matter, err on the side of disclosing rather than not – and on the side of disclosing earlier than later. Failure to protect IP in a timely manner can result in a loss of rights and the ability to commercialize.

Invention Competition: OIPC’s annual invention competition, first held in 2015, showcases innovations developed by faculty, staff, and students of UAF and UAS. The competition awards monetary prizes in multiple categories including Best Overall, Best UAS Invention, and Best Student Invention. The competition ends with the academic year, when judging is performed by the OIPC Ambassadors. To learn more, contact us at

You can also contact us at to disclose your technology in person rather than through this form.

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How does your invention compare to the prior art? What’s your competitive advantage?
Have you performed a patent search and/or literature search? If yes, please attach when prompted below.
Please list any confidential disclosures, e.g., grant applications, under a non-disclosure agreement
Please list any public disclosures, e.g., journal articles, theses, conference posters and presentations
Is a thesis or dissertation involved? If so, Please list the student’s name and expected graduation date
Please list any anticipated or upcoming disclosures
Please identify the three most similar products on the market
Who do you expect to be the end user?
What do you see as the market? What alternative markets can you imagine?
From your perspective, what does the path to commercialization look like?
What existing companies might be interested? If you have a specific contact within the organization, please specify.
For each source of funding, please list (a) the sponsor's name, (b) the sponsor grant/contract number, (c) the grant/title title, (d) the PI's name, and (e) the grant/contract date. (type "none" if no funding was provided) *
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Please upload attachments relevant to this invention, e.g., manuscripts, proposals, and patent/literature searches
e.g., manuscripts and proposals
For each inventor, please list (a) full name, (b) email address, (c) UA affiliation (e.g., student, faculty, or staff and department), and (d) a brief description of the individual's contribution (this is not binding in any way) *
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