2019 Web Seal of Excellence
Recognizes excellence in a school library’s use of online tools.

DESCRIPTION: A school library's web presence is an important tool for teaching, learning, communication, advocacy, and public relations. This award recognizes exemplary use of web tools in a school library program: webpage, wiki, blog, and social media.

CRITERIA / ELIGIBILITY: School Library webpage must be maintained by the School Librarian who has been a member of MSLA for at least 2 years and holds a professional library degree or a state certification as a library teacher. Nominations will be evaluated by a review committee, using a rubric with specific criteria for judging the web devices. Judging panel will use the rubric with specific criteria for school library webpages: https://www.maschoolibraries.org/uploads/5/7/2/2/57223027/rubricwebsealexcellence2019.pdf

NOMINATION PROCESS: Complete this nomination form. Anyone may make a nomination; self-nomination is encouraged.

RENEWAL by past recipients: The Awards Committee will automatically review the websites of past recipients. Besides maintaining the standards of the rubric, the MSLA member must still be at the same school and continue to maintain the website. The Awards Committee will notify the renewed recipients and send the Web Seal of Excellence (electronic file) .

AWARD: A certificate. Up to six awards per year may be given. The MSLA "Web Seal of Excellence" will be displayed on the awardee's webpage for the year won.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Write an article for the Forum (to be arranged with the editors of the MSLA Forum). Submit a photograph for the MSLA webpage.

DUE DATE: December 2, 2018

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