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Appathon1000™ is a visionary mobile app code learning experience offered by Perennial Preparedness of NC. Our goal is to mobilize 1000+ people to learn fundamentals of app development, in 2022. We call it "Coding for a Stronger Community". Our website:

The app development tool we currently use is It is a populuar Android/Iphone "cross-platform" app development online software. For more information visit

We chose the platform as a learning resource because it uses "puzzle piece" like coding, making it easier to illustrate essential and fundamental concepts that are common to every mobile app coding "language". Thunkable currently has a FREE account option, making it accessible to "grassroots" folks (like me) and professional developers alike!

Appathon1000™ is a resource, not a course! No one will pace you or grade you. Therefore your level of self-preparedness determines your success! There are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced App Coding Samples created using Thunkable. Download the Code Samples, Remix 'em (change the code to make it your own). Yes, it is possible to "break" the code so that it stops working. But never fear, if you "screw up" the code, just download the original and start over! THAT'S HOW YOU LEARN!

Please read the following below: TERMS AND CONDITIONS, EULA (End User License Agreement) , and CODE OF CONDUCT. We welcome your participation in using this resource. We want to provide a safe, secure harbor for all users.

Upon acceptance of all sections, submit your request. We'll make a short courtesy call to verify your identity. Upon notification of approval, you'll be provided with access to the Appathon 1000™ Beginner Code Samples, for 60 Days FREE! At any time you may opt-in to full access to remaining Intermediate and Advanced Code Samples for $60/year (50% discount from Regular Subscription of $120.00/year). NO REFUNDS after you have downloaded any Intermediate or Advanced App Sample.

We will respond to your subscriber request within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. Questions, contact P. Kelly, Founder, at 919.371.8207, text or leave voicemail. Website:
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS. In order to protect the privacy and safety of Appathon1000™ subscribers we review every subscription request. We reserve the right to deny, suspend, or delete subscription at our discretion if "trolling" or other abuse of this resource is suspected and determined. You must be 18 years and older to request subscription to the Appathon1000™ Resource. Your access to this environment is non-transferable. All postings to the forums are surveyed regularly by a moderator to assure that subscribers are observing our Code of Conduct. If you opt-in for paid subscription after a trial period ends, and then wish to cancel your subscription, there will be no refund. After a paid subscription, if you download any Intermediate or Advanced Sample Apps, there will be no refund. I ACCEPT THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. (Type in your full name below as your digital signature)
END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Upon approval of your subscription request, you will receive your personal password code to enter the Appathon1000™ Subscriber Resource Area. Depending on your subscription status you will have access to Beginner Sample Apps only with FREE access, or all Sample Apps, with paid access. Your access code is not transferrable. You are allowed to download and repurpose or re-mix the code in all Sample Apps. Once you have downloaded any Intermediate or Advanced Sample App, there will be no refund of subscriber payment. I ACCEPT THE ABOVE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (Type in your full name below as your digital signature)
CODE OF CONDUCT. With PAID subscription you will access to all Sample Apps, Coding Videos, and the “Beta-Testers Breakroom". Profession Etiquette is expected in all areas of the Appathon1000™ Resource. Testing fellow subscriber’s apps is encouraged. Self-prepare for candid feedback. Be clear, courteous, and specific as possible in your feedback. Professional discourse and mutual respect is expected at all times. No apps are allowed in the Beta-Testers Breakroom that promote game violence, real violence, no dating apps or apps that promote exploration of sexual preferences, or racially, culturally, religiously derogatory apps, and any other app that we deem inappropriate to post in the "Beta-Tester Breakroom". Violations of Code of Conduct will be subject to revocation of access to this resource. No refund will be made in event of revocation. If you have a question about the appropriateness of an app you want to post for Beta-testing, contact us beforehand at 919.371.8207. I ACCEPT THE ABOVE CODE OF CONDUCT (Type in your full name below as your digital signature)
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