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Thank you for your interest in being a counselor at Gan Izzy Ranch Camp this summer.
Please fill out ALL relevant information to the best of your ability.  
Incomplete applications may not be reviewed or accepted.
All complete applications will undergo a careful review process, including reference checks.  

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Camp Information
Camp dates are June 27 - August 5 (6 weeks)
All staff must come in by Thursday evening, June 24. (meetings, orientation, etc)
Camp hours are from 9 am -3:30 pm

Your information
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Please list where you were the past 3 summers,  your position,  and the name and phone number of the Director
Character References *
Please give names and contact info. of two adults (not relatives) having knowledge of your character, experience, work habits and ability. PLEASE INCLUDE RELATIONSHIP (i.e. teacher, director, mashpia etc.)
Additional information
Are you willing to commit to being at camp every day from June 25 through August 8? *
CPR/1st Aid Certification *
Driver's License
If you have a valid drivers license and wish to drive during camp, Please write in which state, and on what date it was issued.
What contributions do you think you can make at  Gan Izzy Ranch Camp? *
What are your strengths? How would you describe yourself? *
Why did you choose to apply to our camp? *
What age children do you prefer working with? (Check ALL that apply)
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