VRABE Student Evaluation Form - For ESL Students
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Please answer each question.
1. My teacher cares about me and believes that I can do well. *
2. I learned a lot in this class. *
3. My teacher challenges me to think in class. *
4. My teacher connects what I'm learning to the real world. *
5. My teacher explains things clearly. *
6. I created my own goals to improve my English skills for this semester. *
7. My teacher met with me to discuss my own English goals. *
8. I created my own personal or professional goals for this semester. *
9. My teacher met with me to discuss my own personal or professional goals. *
10. I like going to this class. *
11. I have lots of opportunities to speak in class, and practice what I am learning. *
12. I feel safe in my class and supported by my teacher. *
13. Overall, this class is: *
14. In your opinion, what are the two best things about this class?
15. What is something we could do to improve the class for you?
16. Other Comments:
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