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Instructions: Kindly fill out the form below as accurately as possible. If you need any assistance, kindly WhatsApp or call 249-3033. 

All classes are offered as small group sessions as well as one-on-one. You may choose either or a combination of both. Note that one-on-one sessions are suited for learners who may require individual attention or for those who need a more flexible schedule. All classes are offered face to face, online or via blended learning. It is recommended that at least one session per week be face to face. 

Customized sessions are available for students with Dyslexia or those who have learning difficulties. 
For 11Plus Lessons - you may opt to do both English and Mathematics or only one depending on your child's needs. 
Note: In order to ensure that instruction is tailored to meet the needs of students Student Learning Profiles are required for students with learning difficulties or disabilities and recommended (optional) for all students. More details about this assessment can be found on our website - www.iteachtransformation.com

LOCATION: Unit 3, Ocean Breeze Complex, Maxwell Main Road, Ch. Ch
PRICING: Small Group Sessions (General Education) - $30 per session 
                  One-on-One (General Education) - $40 per session
                  Small Group Sessions (Learning Difficulty/Disability) - $40 per session 
                  One-on-One (Learning Difficulty/Disability) - $50 per session 
                  Dyslexia Lessons - $50 per session 
BUNDLE and SAVE $5.00 per session!
BUNDLE DISCOUNTS: 12 small group sessions (General Education) - $300
                                         12 One on One (General Education) - $420
                                         12 small group sessions (Learning Difficulty/Disability) - $420
                                         12 One on One (Learning Difficulty/Disability) - $540
                                         12 Dyslexia Lessons Sessions - $540
Bundles must be paid for in full. Once all bundled sessions have been used, new bundles may be purchased.

RESOURCE FEE: $25 per term. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payments must be made before the start of any session. Payments can be made per session, weekly or in full via direct bank transfer, FCIB First Pay, Payce Digital App Transfer or Cash. Those opting to use one of the cashless payment methods will be provided with the payment information directly. Evidence of cashless payments (screenshots are permitted) must be sent via email to iteachtks@gmail.com or via WhatsApp to 249-3033. **see bundle discounts**

FREE CONSULTATION: Should you need more details or want to discuss your child/ward, you may schedule a free consultation by sending a WhatsApp to 249-3033. 
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