EPI Bug Report
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For example, the solution to the binary search in two arrays problem fails when K is larger than the length of the smallest array
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For example, Page 123, Para 2 of Problem 12.3 or Page 19, Solution 12.16, Code line 26
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For example, I don't get the last sentence on this page. Suppose we have t[0] = 3, t[1] = 5, and p[0] = 0.4, p[1] = 0.6, and the value we get from the random number generator is 0.45, then since 0.45 > p[0], the t value we return should be t[1], right? In my opinion, the last sentence on this page should be changed to: "we return the LEAST t[i] such that Fx(t[i]) >= r."
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