Free Illustrated Character Requests
I'll continue to play around with AI prompts and images. I'm trying to find quick ways to get specific images in various poses and expressions. I'd love to get your feedback on specific images you need to for your courses. That'll give me a lot to practice doing.

I'll assume that a core character will eventually include a diverse range of different skin tones, ethnicity and genders. However, if there is something specific feel free to note it. Please no super long descriptions or paragraphs of text. :)
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Rank Your Preferred Visual Style
Below are four common visual styles. Rank them from first choice to fourth.
Visual Style Ranking
Captionless Image
Cartoon Style
Vector Style
3D Style
Realistic Illustration
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Third Choice
Fourth Choice
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With Accessories
Scenario Backgrounds:  I'm also playing around with different types of backgrounds for scenarios, such as a meeting room or warehouse. If there's a type of background you'd like to see, let me know.
Feel free to add other suggestions or comments. 
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