LemonadeMakers Transformational Life Compass (TLC) Course Application

This application starts the exploration of new paths along your life journey. Becoming who you are destined to be; the best version of yourself.

In order to really understand that you are a resilient creative force, you will need to start unpacking and sorting out who you really are. This program is specifically designed to help you to do just that. If accepted, you will learn how to release the patterns and labels that no longer serve you.

A common label is being a parent. You spend years raising your children, growing them up into confident, mature adults. For eighteen or more years a child is a major priority in your life. Then they go to college, move out of the family home and begin their own journey in life. Suddenly you are experiencing the "empty nest" syndrome. You thought you were prepared for it. But that label of mom or dad is way more complex than you realized. It's time for that label to be transformed.

You are going to learn how to stop "trying." To stop forcing the changes you want to experience in your life and begin being who you really are at a soul level.

You'll learn to be courageous and vulnerable, to freely expose your hidden potential, to adopt new labels and identities that have just been waiting in the wings to be invited onto your stage. When you understand how to live life from a space of possibilities nothing can hold you back.

About This Pilot Program

This is an actual paid program, and part of my longer $3,000 program that runs for 12 months. You are being invited to apply for this pilot program, free of charge. It will run for 12 weeks and is designed to produce a powerful outcome for you. I'm looking for a small group of highly motivated, engaged participants who want to squeeze every drop from life's lemons in order to make sweet, refreshing lemonade, and then share your experience with others.

Scholarship recipients are expected to:
* Show up at every session
* Engage fully in every session and assignment
* Give thoughtful feedback, including an exit video or written assessment of your experience in the program.

This is your chance to co-create a powerful change in your life. If the thought of that actually stirs a little excitement in your soul (and doesn't make you want to run and hide under your bed), then you are a perfect candidate for this very limited pilot. Only 20 of the best applicants will be accepted for this scholarship.

Are you ready to connect with other like minded LemonadeMakers in our community and become inspired to make a real difference in your life?

Then take the first step by completing the below questionnaire to apply for your scholarship!
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