IGF2016 - Best Practice Forum IPv6 - ‘Understanding the commercial and economic incentives behind a successful IPv6 deployment’
IPv6 Best Practice Forum 2016 would like to call for contributions to understand the economic motivation for IPv6 deployment.

IPv6 is a technical protocol but the decision to adopt IPv6 is not only a technical one, other economic factors play an important role.

IPv6 adoption is on the rise - not only in the Global North, but also in a number of states in the southern hemisphere - and there appears to be little correlation to GDP and IPv6. On the other hand, little documentation exists that analyzes the commercial aspects of IPv6 adoption, especially not based on specific, positive cases of adoption.

By compiling case studies on business cases and economic factors behind IPv6 adoption as a best practices document for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in 2016, it will provide an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to understand IPv6, including those outside the technical community. The contributions will be discussed by participants of IGF IPv6 Best Practice Forum, and will be reflected in the output document where appropriate. The output document will be published on the IGF website after IGF2016, which will be held from 6-9 December 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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