Show Submittal
This is the form for submitting your show to Theatre Momentum for a 10 PM Friday/Saturday run.

Please note: The person submitting the proposal should have a significant role in the production. Preference will be given to current and former Ensemble members.

Proposals will be accepted through March 1st for the productions running in June. Another round of proposals will be accepted later in the year. If you miss the deadline for this round, we will push your production proposal into the next batch and let you know.

Many factors go into acceptance of shows, so be thorough and be flexible. Every TM production is allowed to use the TM name and will be promoted through our marketing outlets.

If your project is not yet ready for a submission, please make note of that on this form and note "TBD" for any unknown information. A production may work as a lab production (internal title only) until such time as it is ready for a submission.

Main Contact Name *
Main Contact Email *
Main Contact role in production *
Director, producer, technical director, etc.
Show title *
Working titles are okay, and you can put more than one if you are still deciding
Are you a current or former Ensemble Member with Theatre Momentum? *
Current or former ensemble members get priority.
Is any member of your production team a current or former Ensemble Member with Theatre Momentum? *
Please enter their name here, or just put N/A.
Preferred Rehearsal Schedule *
Rehearsal and audition schedules are TBD. What days of the week and times would work best for you to schedule rehearsals and auditions? Remember, auditions will run the first week of April, and rehearsals will begin the following week and run through the end of May. One of your auditions should ideally be the same as your regular rehearsal schedule.
Production team members, if anyone other than main contact, above. *
Preferred Ensemble size *
Cast (if pre-selected)
At least half your cast should be selected via auditions, but if you have any cast you have already decided upon, please make note of their names here.
Detailed show description *
500 words or so, for internal review. Be as thorough as possible. You can upload more detail later if you need more space.
Any special technical needs?
Any behind-the-scenes detail TM should know about?
Marketing plan *
Shows that do the best are those that are aggressively marketed beyond simply reaching out to friends and family. What plans do you have for marketing this show? If you're still working on that or want input, that's fine, too.
Specific Target Audience *
Who is this show geared for? The “NPR crowd”, theater-goers, storytellers?
Any additional comments? *
Supporting Materials
Videos, press kit, promotional mock-ups, prior reviews, etc. may be uploaded here, if it will help detail your production.
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