Call for Proposals - MaleSurvivor 14th International Conference


October 31-November 2, 2014

Marriott Liberty/Newark Airport, Newark, New Jersey

The effects of sexual abuse for boys and men are painful, confusing and complex. These same words frequently describe the healing process as well. An important addition to the healing process is hope. MaleSurvivor’s 14th International Conference seeks workshop proposals that relate to the evolutionary journey from hurting to healing.

We encourage survivors, mental health professionals, researchers, academicians and others to submit their work on the following topics:

* International and national work with refugees, the trafficked, prisoners of war, and victims services
* Sexual abuse within institutions- educational, religious, athletic, military, child welfare, * health care, criminal justice organizations, family structures and dynamics of abuse.
* Psychotherapeutic and expressive arts approaches to healing
* Personal journeys of healing
* Substance abuse and self-medication
* Fatherhood as a healing experience, a challenge, and an opportunity for growth
* Partners of survivors: creative inclusion & support of partners


We encourage use of handouts, videos, powerpoint, and experiential activities.

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PLEASE NOTE: Presenters are asked to be mindful that the MaleSurvivor conference is unique in that we invite participation from ALL members of the community. We encourage presenters to be mindful that they may be presenting to a mixed audience of both professionals and lay survivors. Survivors are encouraged and empowered to be active members of the conference, and are reminded that they are responsible for their own self-care during the conference. MaleSurvivor will have staff on hand to provide support to any attendees who become triggered. However we suggest presenters who may be concerned that the nature of their presentations may be potentially upsetting disclose that information so the Planning Committee can work together with you to ensure that proper notifications and safeguards are in place. Please select one option:
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