2018 STEM Fair Judges Form
For for the judges of the W-K STEM Fair to use in the scoring of student projects and presentations.
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While Looking at the Board Section
Creativity (25 Points)
Are the materials presented imaginatively and are original? *
Is the display attractively designed? *
Is interesting information include in the display? *
Does the data make sense? *
Has the student shown inventiveness? *
Scientific Thought Section
(30 Points)
Is the experiment designed to answer a question? *
Is the topic or problem stated clearly and completely? *
Have appropriate resources been cited? *
Has a systematic plan of action been stated? *
Is there an adequate solution or conclusion? *
Does the student understand all the facts and/or theories? *
While Talking to the Student(s) Section
Thoroughness (15 Points)
Does the project represent a sufficient amount of time? *
Is the project complete? *
Were all potential sources of information consulted? *
Skill Section
(10 Points)
Does the project represent the student's own work? *
Does the project represent quality workmanship? *
Clarity Section
(10 Points)
Are titles and written descriptions legible and the data clearly presented? *
Can the average person understand the project? Are drawing and diagrams neat and attractive? Is the written material well prepared? *
Interview Section
(20 Points)
Does the student give eye contact? *
Does the student know his/her project information? *
Can the student explain his/her board and why he/she set the board up that way? *
Does the student keep the conversation going? *
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