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We see the Special Sessions as a key component to building bridges within and across fields related to DFW Studies. We encourage everyone to consider submitting to the Special Sessions - any works not accepted for a Special Session will be automatically considered as a General Proposal.
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For panel proposals, please list the names, position titles, and institutions of each panelist, including your own.
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Please let us know which Special Session you'd like to be considered for. Any proposals that are not accepted for the Special Session will automatically be considered for the General Proposals.
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Please provide 150-300 words describing your presentation - for panel proposals, you may include an additional 100 words for each additional presenter. Be sure to reference the scholars, theories, and other works that inform your research. You may include the text of your abstract in the text of the full proposal.
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Please provide a 50-word abstract for our printed program. For panel proposals, you may include an additional 25 words for each additional presenter.
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Please include a 50-word bio for each presenter. We prefer that bios are written in the third person.
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