Chattahoochee 2021 Senior Check Out Form
Congratulations! You have come to one of the final steps needed to complete your senior obligations for the class of 2021. Please answer each question below and provide the requested information.
Write your official/legal first name exactly as it is spelled. *
Write your official/legal middle name exactly as it is spelled. *
Write your official/legal last name exactly as it is spelled. *
Write out the phonetic pronunciation of your first, middle, and last name (in that order). *
Phonetic pronunciation means writing out in letters how your name sounds when spoken/read aloud. Example #1 last name spelled "Rai" pronounced "Rye." Example #2 last name spelled "Siegel" pronounced "SEA-gull." If there is a certain syllable that should be emphasized, please type it in CAPS. Syllables should be separated with a dash - between them.
***If you are worried and want to make sure your name is pronounced correctly at Graduation, please make sure to speak with your counselor. Your counselor is who will announce your name.
Last Names A - Deo - Mrs. Chilson / Last Names Der - Hei - Mrs. Johnson / Last Names Hen - McD - Ms. Vemuri / Last Names McG - Sa - Ms. Blount / Last Names Sc - Z - Mrs. Jones
Parchment Transcript Request
***ALL Seniors attending college in the Fall – INCLUDING those who applied to colleges via Common App and/or Coalition App – must submit a final transcript request on Make sure to indicate “Hold for Grades.” Final transcripts will be released to your indicated college(s) the first week of June.*** You may also submit requests on Parchment for official copies of your transcript to be mailed to you. This step is imperative. No transcripts will be automatically sent without a Parchment request.

Please visit to request your final transcript.
By Checking "Yes" below, I attest that I have requested my transcript to be sent to my college via *
Please submit your verification of scholarships and acceptance letters to with the subject line "Senior Exit Survey." No scholarship information will be included in graduation activities without submissions being provided. *
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