IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna - Expert Application 2019

To join us as an Expert Assessor CDRC 2018, please fill in your information below.
Please be reminded that we can only select about 50% of our applicants to join us in Vienna.
We make all attempts to let you know about your selection as quickly as possible, certainly no later than end March 2019.
Please send any questions to office(at)CDRCVienna.org
Thank you so much for your interest and support!

I. Personal Details
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II. Qualifications
We are looking for Mediation and Negotiation experts. Please list your relevant qualifications and experiences in your respective or both fields
a) Mediation Qualifications
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If you are NOT IMI Certified please indicate whether you have any other certifications or accreditations
(If YES, please indicate full name of the qualifying organisation and the year)
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Please specify your experience in international commercial mediation *
In how many international business cases have you acted as a (co-) mediator?
In how many international business mediation cases have you acted as a counsel?
Have you conducted any mediation trainings before?
How many mediation students have you assessed before?
(e.g. in trainings or competitions)
b) Negotiation Qualifications
Please specify your experience in negotiation *
Have you conducted negotiation trainings before?
How many years have you been practising as a negotiator/negotiation consultant?
How many negotiation students have you assessed before?
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III. Competition Details
Please indicate your preliminary availability for the competition week *
!! Please note that all expert assessors must be available for the introduction session in the morning of 7 July and to judge during the preliminary rounds starting from 7 July noon until 9 July noon !!
Are you a member of the IBA? *
Have you worked with VIAC before? *
Have you judged at CDRC before? *
Use of personal data *
IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna will use your contact information for all official communication around the events of the competition. We will not forward your information for commercial use to any external organization. CDRC Vienna will publish (online and in various forms of hard copy) material that introduces its participants, including their name, affiliation, biography and picture.
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