FAST Flame Effect Registration Form
Flame Effects are defined as all flames that are automated, switched, pressurized, or having any action other than simply being lit on fire, as well as projects using propane or liquid fuels.
Any flame effect on site, whether it be in a theme camp, on an art car, or at the effigy, must be registered so that the FAST can help you ensure they arrive in a form that we can approve. Failure to register your flame effect may result in less fun at the event.

If you have any questions please email

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Contact Info
If you are not the primary contact or builder, please provide us with their name/phone number/email address.
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Name of your piece *
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Description for FAST *
Please describe your flame effect for FAST. Vision; what it looks like; dimensions; fuel used; all that jazz ...
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Description for the WWW Guide *
Please give a brief description (350 characters or fewer) of your art project for publication in the What/Where/When Event guide (aka "WWW"). Your audience will be the event attendees, so please write accordingly!
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Inspection *
Do you understand that all Flame Effects must pass inspection by a FAST member prior to ignition?
Location *
Where will this flame effect be located? Is it part of a Theme Camp, Art Car, art installation, hand held or carried? Please tell us where and the name of the theme camp, art car, or other venue.
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Footprint / Perimeter *
What is your safe clearance and perimeter for this piece, and how did you determine it?
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Safety Plan *
Please describe your safety plan, shut off valves, and what you plan to do something if things go wrong.
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Previous Effects
Have you brought flame effects to LOF in the past? If yes, please tell us when (year) and please describe the piece.
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