Tonkawa Sports Football Registration Form
Season: August-October
Registration: June-Early July
Grades: 1st through 6th grade
Fee: $30.00 or $20 for two or more children to be paid online at
Contact us at (580) 628-2220 or
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Liability Waver - I do hereby release Tonkawa Chamber of Commerce and Tonkawa Youth Sports, its coaches and board members, and Tonkawa Public Schools and its employees that are associated with Tonkawa Youth Sports, from any and all liability, related to any incident or injury that may occur as a result of my child’s participation in the Tonkawa Youth Sports. I further agree to not pursue any legal action against the above names entities, nor its board members, coaches and employees, and I agree to provide proper insurance for my child. * *
1. All participants are responsible for their own equipment. 2. Practice is limited to 3 days per week and no more than 6 hours per week 3. Each team is responsible for providing a chain gang for their home games. Must be 15 years old or older. 4. Late signups are at the discretion of the TYS board. 5. All refund questions will be referred to the TYS refund policy. *
I have read and agree to the Liability Waver and Disclaimer. * *
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