Dinner with World Changers - Anita Shankar, Global Trauma Project
GTP’s unique model provides capacity-building support to both organizations and community-based workers, ensuring the change happens on both systemic and local levels. We work with organizations to strengthen their outcomes, through program assessment, technical assistance, staff support (vicarious trauma/ burnout/ deployment assessments/ self-care), mentoring, curriculum design, training and supervision. We also support to local providers such as: community/ religious leaders, child protection staff, teachers, police, coaches & community health workers- people who are already trusted and supporting others in their communities. We do this by offering training, mentorship & wellness sessions to ensure that those working with the most challenging issues are well supported so that they can have the greatest impact possible. GTP utilizes a cutting-edge, evidence-based framework- “Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment” (TICE.) The TICE framework underpins policy and practice in the field, supporting local partners to take the lead in their own healing, and strengthening community level resilience.

Anita Shankar, MPH, believes access to relevant mental health resources is a social justice issue. As Senior Director of the Global Trauma Project, she utilizes the Trauma-Informed Community Empowerment (TICE) Framework to build the capacity of community leaders and government officials. Ms. Shankar’s 20 years of public health experience is influenced by the fields of popular education, youth development, harm reduction, and positive sexuality. She earned her Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, USA and Bachelor’s in International Development from the University of California, Berkeley, USA.
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