V-Force India
Welcome to the registration form of V-Force India (V-Force India), an initiative of UNV India.

V-Force is a platform for community engagement, reaching out to people of all ages, backgrounds and skills and integrating them on a singular platform to conduct a range of volunteering activities related to Sustainable Development Goals.

V-Force comprises of online volunteers who will conduct outreach activities either online, or in the field (in their communities) to support campaigns and conduct advocacy for assigned initiatives.

Register as V-Force India Volunteer in our Current Online Campaign - To fight against COVID19 at

The unprecedented challenges we face due to the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, have already turned many of our lives upside down. This is the time to act as responsible citizens to Learn, Act and Engage our community through providing right information and tackle the situation.

Spread the word - We need as many volunteers as possible.

#VForce #UNV_India #COVID19
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