2017 Orphanage Adoption Papers
SORRY but this camp is FULL for the 2017 burn!

**** ELIGIBILITY for this camp requires that you have camped IN one of our camps before OR are sponsored by an attending "ENDORPHIN" (an existing camp member) ****

Burgins (first time burners) may apply, BUT your application must be vetted by the DEAN of ADMISSIONS
Some questions will require a thoughtful answer, which can count for as much as 50% of your final score. All of this information will be part of your "permanent" record which will follow you for the rest of your burner life.

You must be (21) years of age to camp with us

BEFORE you fill out this Application, make sure you have READ and UNDERSTAND the:





ADOPTION FEES for 2017 are $150.00 USD or 205.00USD with OSHIT rental

Default World FIRST and LAST name *
Just like it appears on your Drivers License or Passport
Your answer
Playa NAME
Do you have a nickname or persona that you go by?
Your answer
Email Address *
If you have a "BURNER PROFILE" registered with the BORG, please use that address! Otherwise just your regular email address
Your answer
CELL Phone # *
We promise NOT to call you unless it's an EMERGENCY
Your answer
Where ya coming from?
As in "where do you live"
Your answer
Black Rock City ARRIVAL Date *
Black Rock City DEPARTURE Date *
How many BURNS?
Not counting this one... Regional BURNS count as well
Which camp have you attended? *
check all that apply
If you are camping with the ORPHANAGE for the first time, who is your SPONSOR?
list their FULL name and email address
Your answer
Got a TICKET? *
SHELTER Footprint *
How BIG is your SHELTER (e.g. Tent, RV, Yurt, Truck)? 3x7, 10x10? Don't guess, get out a tape measure. We need to know how much space to allocate in the camp
Your answer
What are you sleeping in?
Are you bringing your own shade? We need to know how big, so we know where to put it (subject to space availability)
Your answer
OSHIT access? *
Think about the last time you got into your car after it’s been sitting in the sun on a summer day………It was FUCKING HOT!!! Now imagine trying to sleep in that…….. Get the idea? Are you a party ALL night, sleep ALL day person? Or maybe you'd like to take a nap sometime during the day? Well you might want a cool shady spot to put your tent under. The (O)rphanage (S)hade (H)ousing (I)ndividual (T)ents is a 6000sq ft community shade structure, featuring fully shaded patios for your tent. There are (60) 10x10ft spaces for rent at $55.00 per space for the week. Spaces are RESERVED based on your Adoption FEES PAYMENT DATE
Are you DRIVING to Burning Man? well we need to know your vehicle size for the camp parking layout
Who's in your posse?
Are you coming with other people, or maybe a group? This let's us know about duplicate housing or vehicle footprints. Please list EACH of their FULL name(s). NOTE : EACH and EVERY member of your group MUST register and pay dues separately!
Your answer
WHO are you? *
we don't need your fucking life story, just (1) paragraph please
Your answer
WHY should we adopt you? *
ESSAY QUESTION, give this one a LOT of thought and keep it to (1) paragraph
Your answer
How will YOU participate in the ORPHANAGE?
There are NO spectators at Burning Man, so we expect ALL of our orphans to participate in some manner with the camp. MANY hands working just a little bit EACH day makes it EASY for everybody. On average LESS than (1) hour a DAY, is all it takes to make a camp run smoothly. Look over the list BELOW and choose (1) crew to work on
Monitor the community KITCHEN, refill spray bottles, beat the shit out of anybody who leaves leftovers or a mess in the kitchen.
Tear DOWN crew
(Eligible for EARLY ENTRY pass and DGS ticket) Responsible for packing up the camp. MUST be able to work thru MONDAY evening the 4th. BONUS, exclusive closing parties. Why WASTE your time waiting in line to get out, when you could be winding down at a mellow pace with those in the know.
Construct and maintain EVAP ponds & shower structures. Easiest job in the camp....requires about (5) min a day, pushing water around with pool broom
Bartending, Alcohol purchase & transport from Reno, Bar setup & teardown, ICE runs, MOOP control in BAR, ect.
Purchase and coordinate transport of firewood to BRC Supervise burn barrel operationKnow how to use fire extinguishers
Setup generators, Layout electrical grid, Refuel generators, change oil and clean air filters. Install SOLAR lights
Cigar Lounge, Bowling Alley, Hippie Fishing, Dance Academy, these are some of the activities we gift to the citizens of BRC
Set UP crew
Responsible for building of the camp. You MUST be able to be ON PLAYA by NOON Friday the 25th.
NO SHIT, really you need to read the "HOUSEKEEPING" section. Failure to live and die by the "COMMANDMENTS" and "HOUSEKEEPING" will result in EVICTION from the camp and NO refund
Where did you learn about the ORPHANAGE?
Is there anything else we should know?
Your answer
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