Archiving Meaningful Practices From Around the World
We aim to design an ongoing study archiving meaningful practices from multiple cultures /societies from a multitude of fields: educational, cultural, technological, medical etc.

The main goal is to preserve meaningful practices in order to inspire societies to redesign themselves in more constructive manners.

We are looking for potential solutions to heal our contemporary forms of crisis and we believe that many roots for them already exist, we just need to bring them together and find ways to expand on them.

The results will be published as an intermediary report in 2020, but will also work as an ongoing process. The current archive might also inspire future studies or published works.

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Do you feel an archive of meaningful practices from around the world would be helpful in order to inspire more meaningful futures?
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Would you be so kind to contribute with your know-how of best practices in your community?  If so, in what field is the meaningful practice you are choosing?
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What are the meaningful practices from your own community you would like to openly share and you feel they might have a positive impact if spread more widely? (choose the ones that feel the most compelling to you)
Can you detail the meaningful practice that had a meaningful impact on you individually (to which culture does it belong, how is it made, by whom, what resources does it consume, what results does it have)?  It can be a social/educational/artistic/etc. example that felt empowering and inspirational to you.
On a society level, most of our societies are based on capitalism that has as any system both pluses and minuses. Would you recall more meaningful functional alternatives on a societal level?
Do you recall other meaningful practices from other cultures that inspired you? Can you describe them briefly? (they can belong to any culture from any given time or space)
Would you borrow or adapt a meaningful culture from a different culture if you would feel it might uplift your own community?
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Once we achieve a multi-layered archival of meanigful practices, how can we balance a global and a local constructive co-existence in our contemporary societies?
Would you add any new question/angle to this survey? If so, what would it be?
What is your native country?
Where do you live now?
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In case we publish the report, would you like to be mentioned in the Special Thanks with your full name?
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