Seasonal Staff Application - Cafeteria Worker
Individuals who are hired for cafeteria positions will work within a team environment to provide food and beverage service to 300 individuals four times daily during the festival. The cafeteria staff report to cafeteria leads who then report to the Executive Director. This position will take place July 13th, 2020 through July 31st, 2020. There are many different schedules available and Folkmoot is searching for individuals who are hard working, friendly and flexible. It is required of all seasonal festival staff to participate in Cultural Conversations Training before work is to begin. Additionally, for cafeteria workers, it will be required to attend a Cafeteria Safety Training lead by Folkmoot Staff. By turning in this application, you understand the requirements before work is to begin.

If selected for our interviewing process, you will be contacted by Folkmoot to set up an in person interview. If you advance through this interview process, then you will be asked to come in for a working interview during one of our Friendship Dinners. Applicants will be selected after both interviews have been performed.
Full Name
Email Address
Full Mailing Address
Phone Number
Where did you learn about this position?
List relevant culinary experiences or complete training
Have you had experience working in a cafeteria before? Please Explain.
Have you worked professionally with knives?
Are you willing to learn how to operate an industrial dishwasher?
This seasonal job is for 3 weeks working at the Folkmoot Center, from July 13th through July 31st. This job will require you to work 4 - 5 hour shifts every day for the duration of those 3 weeks. Are you available and able to work every day during this time period?
Have you been through Safe Serve Training? If not, what experience do you with managing food safety? Please describe.
Have you worked for Folkmoot in the past three years? Please describe.
Please list 3 references including full name, phone number, and email.
I understand that this is seasonal job, limited to July 13th and July 31st and that I have to apply on an annual basis to be considered for this position. Please initial
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