Kenka no Yakkyoku Participant Registration
[ Sunday, April 1st, 2018]
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Do they use an alias? Or fight under a different name?
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How can we contact you? If providing your Discord ID, please remember that it is case-sensitive and requires the number that follows *
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Any input for us?
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Would you be interested in 'higher stakes' fights, possibly involving more severe injury or potential dismemberment or death?
Please note that this question is more of an interest gauge; at current, we do not run matches such as these, but are weighing interest. We feel that matches such as these, with higher stakes and possibly larger prizes, may offer a springboard for characters to achieve a level of notoriety, to allow their characters a chance at more damning injury, or to allow their characters to 'go out with a bang' in cases where character death is allowed.
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