iWriterly First Page Critiques: Submission Form
Want to get feedback on the first page of your manuscript? Look no further! iWriterly is launching first page critiques, which will be hosted on the iWriterly YouTube channel.

A few housekeeping things:

• Only unpublished first pages will be accepted for critique. If your book is currently published or has previously been published, your application will be deleted.
• We ask that only writers with completed, polished manuscripts submit to this opportunity. If your book is currently unfinished, please do not submit at this time.
• Writers who submit the first 250 words of their manuscript are not guaranteed a critique, as pages are selected at random.
• Please do not submit the first page of a single manuscript more than once (even if you significantly revise it). However, if you write a new manuscript, you are welcome to submit the first page of that new manuscript once it is polished.
• Only manuscripts submitted in English will be considered.

Thank you for your interest in iWriterly! KEEEEEEEEEEP WRITING!
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If your first page is chosen for critique on iWriterly, do we have your consent to share the first page and query on our YouTube channel? *
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*Note: Please don't simply say "fiction" if you have written a fiction manuscript. Be sure to identify what the genre is (fantasy, science fiction, etc.). If your manuscript is a genre-bender, include no more than two genres (example: fantasy with elements of historical fiction).
What is the word count of your manuscript? *
Please round up or down to the nearest thousand.
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Please copy and paste your full query here (including the metadata—age category, genre, and word count—in the appropriate place in the query itself). You do not need to include a to-line/name of the agent. Queries may be assessed side-by-side with the first page in our video critiques.
First Page *
Please copy and paste the first 250 words of your manuscript below (even if you stop at mid-scene). If the first 250 words end mid-sentence, please end at the previous sentence. Please also add line breaks between paragraphs (since the formatting will be lost in Google forms).
Thank you so much again for your interest in iWriterly's first page critiques! We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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