Out of Hospital Childbirth Education Series
This five-week series is perfect for families planning home or birth center births. The emphasis of this class is on finding the tools you need to stay confident and connected throughout the process, as well as creating community with other new families. Through videos, pictures, talking and practice the goal is to prepare you as well as possible for one of the most anticipated events of your life.

Topics Covered:

-Understanding the birth process
-Comfort Measures for Labor: creating the best physical and mental landscape for labor
-Working with the Pain: breathing strategies, relaxation, mindfulness & visualization
-Positions and Massage for Labor & Birth
-Preparation for Pushing: pelvic floor exercises
-Challenging Births and Hospital Transport
-Postpartum Changes for the Whole Family

Classes are held from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Oakland Birth & Wellness at 5735 Shattuck Ave, Oakland. The space comfortably holds 5 couples.

Cost: $350

By filling out this survey, you are reserving a spot in an Out of Hospital Childbirth Education Series. The available series are detailed below. Once you have reserved your space, please send payment in the form of a check to:
Morgan West at 3030 College Ave, Berkeley CA 94705.

Other inquiries can be sent to: morgan@hummingbirdmidwifery.com.

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