Apeksha Maharashtrachya: Social Welfare, Women and Child Development
Delivering Maharashtra is an initiate to know the Expectations of Maharashtra. This year we will be looking at the sectors from women's perspective / अपेक्षा महाराष्ट्राच्या या उपक्रमाचा मुख्य हेतू नागरिकाच्या अपेक्षा जाणून घेणे हा आहे. ह्या वर्षी सर्व सामाजिक प्रश्नांकडे महिलांच्या दृष्टीकोनातून बघण्यात येईल.
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Are there any schemes for children of (state / central government) working women? (Like day-care, any scholarships for education, etc.) *
Do you get sufficient & healthy diet for you and for your child? *
Have you opted for Pradhan Mantri Jivan Jyoti Bima Yojana? *
Do you need to work / do a job to make or support family living? *
Do you think that the job/ work profile suits your education? *
Is there any garden or playing area nearby your residence? *
Do you have access to affordable housing? *
Does your children / you have access to quality education within affordable prices? *
Do you have good environmental quality / condition within / near your residence? *
Do you and your family have access to healthy and nutritious food? *
Do you and your family have access to clean water? *
Do you feel safe in your locality or the place where you work? *
Do you have access to affordable and timely public transport? *
Do you have access to cultural opportunities to generate your income? *
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