Intentional Spending Survey
Hi, Lizzie Mills here.
I'm so thankful you're taking the time to answer these two quick questions.

Please be SPECIFIC in your answers - the more specific you are,
the better I will understand how to help you (and other mums just like you!)

Lizzie x

p.s. I really appreciate it. I read every survey response!

What's your biggest struggle or frustration with your family finances?
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What have you tried, if anything, to help you gain control of your finances?
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Who are you? (optional)
Since personal finances are such a private topic, I have decided to make this response optional... but it'd really help if you answer these final questions...

Why do I want your name and email? Your email address lets me follow up with any additional questions, and your first name lets me personalise those emails.

The best email to contact me on is :)

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