2019 DEF Firestarter Fellowship Application
Do you have an idea for how to solve a problem in the national security community, but need some help along the way?

The DEF Firestarter Fellowship is tailor-made just for you.

This is not your typical fellowship. You will fill out an application, of course, but there is no one pathway to becoming a Fellowship recipient. Some selected from the applicant pool may have mature projects they have labored over for years; others may still be just starting out. The distinguishing factors between whether you are selected or not will be your identification with DEF's mission and values, awareness of a compelling national security problem, and demonstrated effort to work towards a solution.

In order to be selected for the DEF Firestarter Fellowship, your job is to convince us why we should invest time, energy and our community's expertise in you. Who are you? What is your grand challenge? Why does it matter?

Application Deadline
Please ensure that you submit your application by 2359 Eastern Time on April 19, 2019.

Contact us at FirestarterFellowship@DefenseEntrepreneurs.org if you have questions.

Demographic Information
This information is used for us to better understand you and will only be used as a tool for selecting applicants as outlined on the Firestarter Fellowship webpage.
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Public Service Information
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Application Questions
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(1) In 300 words or less, please tell us your story and what inspires you to be a Firestarter Fellow. *
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(2) In less than 1,000 words, please describe the idea you have to create a prototype, its significance, and most important, the potential impact it can have on the defense community. If there is a specific office, directorate, or mission problem your prototype can attempt to solve, please mention that here. *
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(3) In less than 500 words, describe how you would transition your prototype into a program where your project output is implemented into an office or mission set in the national security space. *
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Acknowledgement of Disclaimers
In order to be selected as a Firestarter Fellow, you must agree to our standard disclaimers. Please check the box next to each one indicating you agree.
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