2018 Design for Extreme Affordability Application
Hello, welcome(!), and thanks for your interest in Design for Extreme Affordability (OIT333/334 ­ ME 206A/B). Our goal is to provide the knowledge, tools and resources for students to become successful, thoughtful social entrepreneurs. We aim to assemble superb multidisciplinary teams who will design elegant products and services that address important needs in the developing world with high impact and scale. We want every student to have an inspiring experience that instills the confidence to surmount daunting problems and equips them with a set of design and business skills that work. Students will generate robust solutions that may be pursued when the course concludes.

Your responses to this application will be used to select class members and to compose teams with well­ balanced skill sets. Prior experience in social entrepreneurship, design thinking, or international development is not a pre­requisite; we expect to have a diverse mix on this and other dimensions.

Read the "Before you Begin" Section fully and carefully.

Fill out and submit this application form by Tuesday, November 7th @ 11:59pm. In the application below, there are 5 sections to be completed (including a section where you must upload your one-­page resume).

After evaluating all written applications, the teaching team will select a group of semi­finalists to participate in an in­-person, get-­to-­know-­you event on the evenings of Monday, Nov. 27th (7-­9pm) or Tuesday, Nov. 28th (7­-9pm). Based on these in-­person events, the teaching team will make the final student selections for the class. We will notify you of your eligibility for these in­-person events by 5pm on Friday, November 17. Until then, if you want to be a part of this course, we ask that you please keep at least one of these in-­person event time slots open on your calendar.

Before You Begin...
Extreme is a full six month commitment to a rigorous learning experience. So please be aware of what that means:

* Class is held every Monday and Wednesday 10:30am to 12:20pm and Thursday evenings 7:30-9:30pm throughout both winter and spring quarters.

* All students will be expected to participate in two Saturday events, this includes: Saturday, January 13th (All-day Retreat) AND Saturday, April 7th (All-day Retreat).

* In addition to class time, students spend many hours with their teams prototyping, brainstorming, interviewing, arguing, bonding, preparing, learning, and building. Working on projects individually, and with team members, requires large amounts of time, and an ability to be flexible in scheduling team time.

* During winter quarter exam week and spring break, representatives from each team (2 of the 4 members) travel internationally to partner sites to do need finding and empathy building that will guide project development for Spring Quarter.

*Some of the Extreme projects may require work to be done in the Product Realization Lab (PRL). In order to gain access to the lab each student will be required to take a safety orientation and purchase a lab pass ($80 for 2 quarters).

In order to form 10 teams of 4 students each, enrollment is limited to 40 students. We are searching for students who come from a wide range of backgrounds and are willing to try something new. We want team players. We want collaborative, passionate souls who want an experience (not just a class). We want resourceful innovators with a driving desire to implement. We put together a document that lists in more detail the characteristics that we are looking for in our students. You can find it here: http://extreme.stanford.edu/sites/default/files/IdealExtremeStudent%20%283%29_0.pdf

- If you want to develop a new mindset/process to solve challenging problems, you should apply.
- If you have never done any design, don't worry, you should still apply.
- If you will be swamped with other courses/commitments in winter or spring quarter, you should NOT apply.

Please use this course application to tell us who you are and why you want to work with us.

Applications are due on Tuesday, November 7th @ 11:59pm.

If you have any questions about the Extreme application, you can reach us via email at: extreme@dschool.stanford.edu (don't wait until Nov. 7 or later to email us for the first time! Give us some time to respond).

Background Information
Your name, area of study, contact information, and availability for an in-person event.
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Stanford Student ID Number
Stanford SUNET ID
Phone Number
Languages you speak
Let us know if you are a beginner, conversational, fluent, or something in between.
In which school are you enrolled at Stanford?
On which degree are you working at Stanford?
Within your school, in what program are you enrolled?
eg. Management Science and Engineering; Learning, Design and Technology; Earth Systems; Product Design
Within your program, in what year out of the total number of years are you participating?
eg. 1st year (of 2), 4th year (of 5)
What is/was your undergrad major(s)?
Did you attend an Extreme information session?
If you are selected as a semi-finalist, which in-person, get-to-know-you event can you attend?
Let us know, to the best of your knowledge, which date(s) work for you.
Have you taken other classes at the d.school? If so, which ones?
Have you applied for d.school classes before and not gained acceptance? If so, which ones?
About You
Tell us a bit more about yourself. Please respond to each of these questions in fewer than 150 words (~1 to 2 paragraphs)
I really want to take this course because...
What are you passionate about? How have you pursued it? Tell us a story.
For this course, you will be working intensively in teams. What do you intend to contribute towards your team's experience? What do you hope to get out of it?
Tell us about some things you have created.
We have a very broad interpretation of the word create. It can include physical objects, organizations, services, novels... anything!
Extreme requires an intense commitment in time. We trust that we can teach you the skills required. We know we’ve sourced projects that will motivate you. What we can’t control is your time and scheduling flexibility. We are searching for students who can and will prioritize time outside of class to dig into team projects and can commit to attending every single class session. Creativity takes time and we want to know you’re going to contribute yours.
What other time commitments will you have during Winter and Spring Quarter (both academic and extracurricular)? Please identify by name other courses, and include commitments such as athletics, start­ups or part­-time jobs, student organizations, research or teaching assistantships.
Stanford offers so many incredible opportunities and no program allows enough time to experience them all. What opportunities are you intentionally NOT pursuing the next two quarters in order to make time for Extreme?
Do you have commitments that preclude working with your team on evenings and weekends?
Team Dynamics
What do you hope your project teammates will say about you at the end of the course?
Time commitment and scheduling are responsible for the largest amount of team dynamics strife. Describe how you might raise a concern with a teammate you feel isn’t prioritizing the class?
As a follow up to the previous, describe how you might respond if your team raises this concern about you?
Upload Resume
We are looking for one page CVs, front only. Not a multi page version. Pare it down and give us an informative snap shot of your background in ONE page.
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