Brief on the development of a communication strategy for the promotion of the drug in the mobile application "Doctor’s Manual"
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General information about the drug
Name of the drug (Trade, INN):
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Short description. (Generic / non-generic, nosology / applications)
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The drug group:
Key advantages of the drug in comparison with analogues:
Target audience: specialization of doctors, geolocation (RF, CIS)
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Main emphasis in promotion (for each target audience)
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The main competitors of the brand
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Your differentiation from competitors (main accents)
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Carrying out on-line activities
Online activities that interest your company
On-line conference
Educational webinars
Publishing of publications in web-resources
Conducting and placing research in web resources
Presence of translated articles in web-resources
Carrying out surveys for doctors
Placement of branded scales, indices and calculators to calculate the dosage of the drug
Creation of expert councils - opinion leaders
Clinical recommendations for treatment on web-resources
Own database of doctors. Number of registered doctors. CRM. Availability of e-mail contacts
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Did you use the services of digital agencies? If so, which ones?
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What projects of on-line promotion of the drug were successful? Which are ineffective? Why?
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