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Please select A or B response for each question. The more honest you are with yourself on your answers, the more accurate the results will be. A good check may be to answer the questions with someone who knows you well to see if they agree. Remember to be as candid as possible. If you have trouble deciding on an answer, just pick one choice that strikes you the most. The collective set will reveal your true nature. BIG QUESTION IS HOW YOU WILL UTILISE THIS TO WORK WITH THE REST IN YOUR TEAM.

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Do new interactions or interactions with new people *
Are you more *
Facts *
If you must dissappoint someone, are you usually *
Is it easier to influence you with *
Do you prefer to work to *
Do you mostly choose *
At parties, do you generally *
Do you prefer writers who *
Do you tend to be interested in the
Which way is easier for you to understand people using
You often approach or great people *
Are you regularly
Which do you enjoy more *
Do you usually *
In doing common things, do you often do it *
Are you more
Which is of greater value to you *
Would you rather make decisions on *
Do you like things *
Are you usually *
Do you consider yourself better *
Which is worse
Are visionaries and theorists *
Do you tend to be a
Is it better to be
Most of the time or on most issues, are you *
Anywhere you have your own space , is it mostly *
When standing in line, do you often
Common sense is
Children do not
In rating things, do you regularly use *
With people, are you usually
Which is the greater ability
Do you prefer
Are you more of *
Do you mostly live in, or think about, the *
Do you usually see how others *
Would you rather *
Which dominates you, your *
Do you prefer work, or to do work, which is
Which is worse, being too
Do you have *
You often speak in *
Would you rather do *
Which is the greater compliment *
Which is stronger in you
Is clutter something you generally
Are you more comfortable
Are you generally
Which do you regularly trust over the other, your *
Which trait is stronger in you
Do you regularly buy things you *
Are you generally *
Is it better to
Do you live most of your life
When the phone rings, do you
Which is the greater quality to have
Which is more interesting to you
Which is worse to be
Do you tend to volunteer for or donate to causes you *
At work, do you like your day
How firmly should laws be enforced
Are you
Do you often take what someone tell you
Do you tend to see
Which do you wish was stronger in you *
Would you rather watch movies with
In life, are you more
Is your life relatively
When you find something you like, do you tend to
Do you prefer stories and movies about
When you are in charge, are you mostly
At work , is it easier for you to
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