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This form is developed by the EB-Greencard Telegram community ( to track employment-based green card timeline. This survey contains 16 questions, and will take less than 2 minutes. Your email address is needed for you to submit a survey, view survey responses, and update your case info in the future. Your email address will not be open to public in either the survey response or detailed data analysis. We will not disclose your email address to any entity for any purpose. Thank you very much for taking this survey! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at You're also welcome to join our Telegram Group ( for more information.


这个调查是由职业移民电报群( 发起的,旨在帮助每一位职业移民了解自己在排期队伍中的位置。本调查一共包括16个问题,在2分钟内可以完成。调查完成后,您可以查看调查结果并通过确认邮件更新您的信息。更新信息必须通过邮箱的链接,不能重新重头填写。请放心,您的电子邮件地址不会在任何情况下被公开。非常感谢您的参与!

如果您有任何疑问,欢迎联系, 或者访问职业移民wiki网站。也欢迎您加入我们的电报群(,了解最新的移民动态。在四千人大群共排期,等卡之路不再孤单!
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Information Source 您从哪里获得了这个问卷调查? *
1. Were you or your spouse born in mainland China? 请问您或您的配偶是否出生在中国大陆? *
2. How many I-140 applications have you submitted? Most people file one, but if you upgraded (EB2 -> EB1) or downgraded (EB2 -> EB3), or filed a new I-140 due to job change, you have multiple I-140 applications. 您递交过几份I-140申请?大多数申请者只有一份。但是如果您有升级或降级,或者由于工作变动再次申请了I-140,那您则递交了多份I-140申请。如果您也递交过EB5申请,请输入I-526和I-140的总和。 *
3. Your Immigration Type 请选择所有您申请的移民种类 *
4. No. of Cards needed 您一共需要多少张绿卡 *
5. Your PD (if you have more than one I-140/ I-526 application, please enter the PD of the first application) 您的优先日,如果您有多份I-140(或I-526)申请,请输入第一份I-140(或I-526)的优先日 *
6. Does your spouse(husband/wife) have an approved I-140 too? If you are single, please choose "No". 您的配偶是否也有已通过的I-140?如果您还是单身,请选No. *
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