Meal Sign-Up for November 30-December 4
**Please read all questions carefully as the switch to distance learning for HS students and an increase in students under quarantine has changed the meal pickup options!

**Please use the HS parking lot entrance to get to Door E2 for your meals. Do a U-turn and go back out through the HS to avoid traffic around the elementary during recess time.

Please fill out this form to indicate your child's meal needs for next week.

All meals are free to families, but we need students to sign up to be sure enough food is ordered and prepared.

6th Grade ONLY: If you choose sack meals, those will be sent home on the student's in-person day prior to their distance day. Please remind your child to pick up their meal in the 5/6 pod.

Sack meals do contain perishables such as milk, fresh fruits, vegetables and protein items. Please keep the meal refrigerated until ready to eat. If your child will be delayed getting home from school, consider sending an insulated bag to store the lunch until they get home. Some meals contain items intended to be heated before eating. Ingredients and heating instructions for these items will be in the bag.

Hot meals also contain perishables. Refrigerate any leftovers promptly.

**One form per STUDENT, please.

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