Emerging As Poet (Registration & Link)
Welcome, poetas! We just wanted to get a sense of who you are before we meet and talk shop. Don't worry too much about the questions, but do answer honestly. It simply helps us to frame your intentions and purpose for joining us to talk about poetry. Once you finish, there is a Zoom link and password at the end, which you can save to access the seminar.

1) Name, 2) Age, and 3) where are you writing from (location)? *
What is a writing goal you are currently working towards? How’s it going?
Tell us about your writing. What excites you about it? What sort of topics or interests are you exploring?
What question(s) or concern(s) do you have about publishing, attending MFA/PhD, or writing poetry in general? *
Anything else you’d like Taylor or Alan to know?
Thank you!
Once you've completed your questions for registration, save the following link and password, which will give you access to the course!

Link: https://usfca.zoom.us/j/82005551073?pwd=ZkFRQUMvcTVJOHYxZjU4YWFZdnB2dz09

Password: poems
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