Managers of Volunteer Engagement or MOVE’s mission is to promote volunteer management in Topeka and as a profession. As a way to provide professional development opportunities to our membership, MOVE is offering annual professional development scholarship(s). The funding can be used to develop skills that will enhance volunteer manager’s capacity in recruiting, retaining and recognizing volunteers.

Applicants must be a current MOVE member at the time of application and have attended at least 2 meetings this calendar year. MOVE Board members are welcome to apply. In addition, applicants must manage volunteers at least 50% of their job in either a paid or unpaid capacity.

The MOVE PD Scholarship will be awarded to no more than three volunteer managers in a calendar year. Maximum award amount is $500 per applicant The Scholarship Review Committee will select recipients 1) based on the quality of their application, 2) the impact of the proposed activity on the applicant’s personal and professional development and 3) the impact of the proposed activity on the applicant’s organization and volunteer corps. Applicant understands this a cost-reimbursement scholarship.

The finalist(s) must complete the professional development activity by 12/31. Each finalist must give a 10-minute presentation at a future MOVE meeting (within 6 months of completing activity) about the training, what was learned, and how it has helped he/she/they in their volunteer manager role.

• Application deadline by 4PM on June 30, 2019
• Award Notification by 4PM on July 31, 2019

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