Your work to be Valued Equally
Inclusion International and our members are calling on the world to take action for inclusion. In 2019 we would like you to join the conversation on the issues that people with intellectual disabilities and their families say are the biggest barriers to inclusion. We want you to be part of the change.

Throughout March and April we are talking about being Valued Equally. This topic covers many issues, including:

1. Being valued and treated equally
2. Our right to live free from discrimination
3. Legal capacity and being viewed equally by the law
4. Integrity of person
5. Bullying and hate crime
6. Violence and abuse
7. Access to justice
8. Access to information
9. Decision making
10. The right to family
11. Equality of women and girls
12. Sexual and reproductive right
13. Self-advocacy - personal power, working together and taking action.

We know our members are using different strategies to end discrimination in their countries. We want our members to share their strategies with each other and learn together about effective ways to achieve being Valued Equally.

Please share with us the work you are doing in your region.

If you have any images or videos of your project, please email them to or send them via WhatsApp to +447840325771.

If you would like to become a member so that you can take part in this conversation, you can join us here:

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