Template - Pitch Feedback
All questions are optional, please fill out as many as you can - this helps everyone get better.
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Problem and Solution Statements
Do you understand what the company does for whom?
Did the pitch give you an understanding of the problem the company is solving?
Clear selection
Did the pitch make you understand the solution that the company is implementing?
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Additional Comments on Problem/Solution
High Level Concept
A high level concept is a one-sentence description of a company.  "The Uber of Drone Delivery", "On-Demand Yoga for Executives", "Microsoft Word in the Cloud"
In your own words, what's the High Level concept of this company?
Pitch Deck
This section references the deck itself and not the presenter.
How effectively did the Pitch Deck visually communicate information?
Not Very Effectively
Extremely Effectively
Clear selection
How did the deck effectively support the narrative provided by the speaker?
Not very effectively
Extremely effectively
Clear selection
Additional Notes (missing slides, things to improve, best parts of the deck)
Verbal Presentation
This section refers to the presenter
How effectively did the speaker communicate the pitch?
Not very effectively
Very effectively
Clear selection
How was the speakers cadence?
Too Slow
Too Fast
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Additional Feedback to speaker (filler words, confidence, gesticulation, incorrect word use, etc)
Question and Answer
This section refers directly to the Question and Answer portion of the pitch
How effectively did the speaker answer questions?
Not very effectively
Very effectively
Clear selection
Did the speaker make an Ask?
Clear selection
What word would you use to describe the speaker during the question and answer period?
Addition Feedback on Q&A Period ("Don't get defensive", "Say I don't know instead of Bullshitting", "I'd like to talk to you after the event about X.")
Where the rubber meats the road
In this section, you represent your purchasing behavior: Be Brutally Honest.
Assuming you were in the target demographic AND/OR had relevant connections/resources, would you do the following after watching this pitch:
Try the product
Buy the product
Refer the Founder to a friend
Invest $10,000 as an Angel Investor
Invest $100,000 as an Angel Investor
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Connect with Speaker
Fill out this information if you would like to connect with the speaker to help them move their business forward.
Full Name
Phone Number
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