Student Withdrawal Form AY2018
RE: Sorry To See You Go, Please Let Us Know How We Can Improve
Dear Parent.
We're sorry to see your child go. We appreciate every feedback we can receive from you so that we can be better at helping every child.

Do take note that we have many options for your child if the current personalised learning is not working for your child. You can consider to upgrade the coach:student ratio for more personalised attention, or even change to home-based.

If you have issues with affordability, we also have the Smart Parents Scheme and the Ultimate Combo Package. You can read about it in details here:

We believe that constant feedback from parents and students are important to help us shape and design the best personalised learning for your child.

If you are ready to give us another chance to help your child, please contact our admin today. Call us 61006463, WhatsApp/SMS 96540523, or email Let us know what we can do to help your child.

Thanks and Warmest Regards

Yours Sincerely,
Quantus Learning

Please refer to the relevant terms pertaining to the Withdrawal from the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment into Quantus Learning AY2018 from here:

(a) (1) The submission of an official withdrawal form will be required in ADVANCE of ONE CALENDAR MONTH prior to withdrawal of student upon successful registration of student. In lieu of this, ONE FULL MONTH’s fees will be payable to Quantus Learning.

(2) If you have registered, and decided to withdraw EVEN BEFORE attending any session at Quantus Learning, an official withdrawal as in paragraph (7)(a)(1) will still be needed in ADVANCE OF ONE MONTH. In lieu of this, ONE FULL MONTH’s fees will be payable as materials and resources have been allocated to the student for the entire month upon registration. Registration and material fees are still incurred in such circumstance.

(3) If the effective last session is in a particular month, the entire fees for that calendar month has to be paid in entirety. eg. Effective last session is 12th April, the full month fees for April is payable. This is also applicable to the amount payable in lieu of advanced one month notice.

(b) For students graduating at the end of the Academic Year 2018, here are the last months of the Academic Year 2018:
i. PSLE – October 2018
ii. N Level – October 2018
iii. O Level – November 2018
iv. A Level – November 2018

(c) All monthly fees are incurred for the entire Academic Year 2018 even if students have ended their major examinations as in 7(b) and are no longer attending anymore sessions at Quantus Learning.

(d) There is no withdrawal allowed from September 2018 onwards to help students prepare for their final examinations.
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