Youth Survey - For Young People with Autism / Aspergers Syndrome, Aged 15-22 is currently preparing a campaign educate young people in Ireland, aged 15-22, to better understand Autism.

As with everything AsIAm does, we are determined that this campaign be informed and directed by the views and experiences of the Autism community.

If you are between 15-22, and have a diagnosis of Autism, please take a few minutes to complete our short survey and have your voice heard through our campaign!

This survey is anonymous and the data is collected and held in accordance with the AsIAm Data Protection Policy.
Basic Information
In this section we just need a small amount of background information in order to collate our data.

Gender *
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Age Range *
County *
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Are you currently in education? *
If yes, where are you studying? *
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Attitudes, Knowledge and Experience of Neurotypical Young People about Autism
In this section, please view each of the statements below and select a response which bests illustrates your views.
Most young people have heard the word "Autism" before *
Most young people would KNOW someone with Autism *
Most young people would BE AWARE of someone they know having Autism *
Most young people would be able to identify someone with Autism or behaviours associated with the condition? *
Most young people would understand how to effectively communicate with a person with Autism *
Most young people would understand the sensory needs of a person with Autism *
Most young people would know how to try to include someone with Autism *
Most young people have a positive attitude towards Autism *
Autism is something readily discussed by young people *
Young people, between 15 and 22, have a more positive attitude towards those with Autism than those over the age of 22 *
What do you think informs young people's attitudes towards those with Autism? *
Please note, in your response to this question you may select all that you believe apply
Personal Experiences
In this section please select a response to each question which best illustrates your experiences.
Would you be comfortable telling another young person about your diagnosis? *
Would you be comfortable talking to another young person about Autism generally? *
Do you ever feel misunderstood by other young people? *
Do you think young people use negative language or slurs about people who have / are seen to have disabilities / special needs? *
Have you ever experienced bullying or exclusion? *
Community Participation as a Young Person with Autism
Are you currently involved in any activities/groups with other young people in your community? *
If yes (currently or previously) where were these activities/groups based?
If yes (currently or previously) what activity/groups have you been involved in
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If yes (currently or previously), did you select these activities/groups or did your parents select them?
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If yes, do you generally feel included by other young people at these activities/groups?
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Do you think participating in activities/groups, with other young people, is more difficult if you have Autism/Aspergers Syndrome? *
Is there anything that could be done to make participating in activities/groups easier for those who have Autism? *
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Key Messages
What would you like other young people to know about Autism? *
Please rank the below topics 1-15 - 1 being the most important message/topic to give to young people and 15 being the least important. Please only assign one number to each message/topic and only use each number once.
Challenges of School
Communication Differences
Difficulties with Concentration
Socialising Challenges
Importance of Seeing the Whole Person / Not Labelling
Challenges of Community Participation
Organisational Challenges
Special Interests
Importance of Routine
Abilities / Strengths
Sensory Processing Difficulties
Dispelling Myths
Difficulties with Concrete Thinking
How do you think we could most effectively bring this message to young people *
Please select all that you believe apply
Are there any other comments you would like to add? *
Did we miss anything? Is there anything else you think we should consider? Please feel free to tell us here
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Would you like to send a message to other young people about your experiences? If you would, type it in the box below and we will use it (anonymously) in our campaign
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