SIL Mentorship Program- Mentor Applications
SIL's new mentorship program offers the chance to students and early careers limnologists to be mentored by experienced scientists within the SIL international community that are willing to guide and advise them.

Criteria to become a mentor:
-SIL member or be willing to become a SIL member
-Academic or governmental researcher in limnology and related fields holding a PhD for at least 5 years
-Interest in supporting researchers in developing countries
-Financially capable of paying SIL fees of the mentee:
For students: 15 USD / 3 years
For Early Careers: 23.40 USD / year

Responsibilities of the mentor:
-supports the scientific development of the mentee
-provides general feedback on drafts of manuscripts or conference contributions
-discusses career options of the mentee
-is available for (virtual) meetings
-helps networking of the mentee during jointly attended meetings
-pays SIL fees for the mentee such that the mentee can benefit from all SIL programs

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Are you willing to pay your mentee's SIL dues for a minimum of 1 year? *Member dues are 23.40 USD per year (for Early Careers in developing countries) or 15 USD per three years (for students in developing countries). *
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