E*V*I*L (Electronic Vancouver IMP League) Registration Form for Season Four (closed)
Season Four of E*V*I*L (Electronic Vancouver IMP League) begins on Tuesday evening, January 19, 2021, with play-in matches on Friday evening, January 15. Play-ins will be head-to-head or round-robins with completely random draws.

The absolute deadline for registration is Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 4pm Pacific time. If your team has not registered by then it will be assumed you are not in this time. All teams MUST register; we will not assume you are continuing, in fact, we will assume the opposite if you don't register.

There is a chart showing what your finishing spot in Season Three makes you eligible for on the main E*V*I*L page at http://mcbruce.ca/VVBCSIL.html if the question below is confusing.

ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT: If you sign up your team to play in a qualifying tournament and do not qualify, you MUST play a season in the next-lower division. Quitting will get all of your team members an enforced hiatus from playing in the league of a minimum of two full seasons and you will restart no higher than the division you wanted to avoid.
A New Team, a Returning Team, an incomplete team? *
Your team is a returning team if it has replaced at most one player on a four-person team, or two players on a team with five or more. More changes than that make you a new team. A returning team may choose a new captain and this does not count as a roster change. If your team is a returning team, you may have earned the right to play or qualify for a higher division. New teams may play in The Big Show play-in tournament if they have a masterpoint average of 2000 or higher, or may play in the Big Ticket play-in tournament if they have a masterpoint average of 750 or higher, or may play in a lower division.
Players on your team *
If your RETURNING team is completely unchanged from Season Three and your captain is the same person, 'no changes' is all you need to enter below! If you have only one or two changes, no need to include the full revised list: I only need the BBO name of all replaced and added players (be sure to designate which is which). For a NEW team, I need BBO names of ALL players on your team, and the name of the captain. ALL CONTACTS BETWEEN CAPTAINS WILL BE DONE BY BBO MESSAGE, NOT REGULAR E-MAIL (so don't include e-mail addresses). I will contact captains if I am unsure of who the real person is behind a BBO name (or you can supply that info below if you wish).
Choose Your Lane (read carefully) *
Season Four of E*V*I*L will have three divisions. The Big Show is the top division and will have exactly eight teams. The top three Big Show teams from Season Two and the fourth place team (if they win the playoff), qualify for an automatic Big Show spot for the next season, along with the winners and playoff winners of the Big Ticket division. So 2-5 remaining Big Show spots will be available for eligible teams to qualify for. The Big Ticket is the second division and will have 8, 10, 12, or 14 teams (but seven matches) depending on turnout. The top team and playoff winner (if different) earn a place in The Big Show. The top half of The Big Ticket, plus any team earning 70VPs in seven matches, qualifies for the Big Show play-in tournament. Lower-ranked Big Ticket Teams are eligible to play in the qualifying tournament for the Big Ticket in the following season, and must play in The Big Deal division if unsuccessful. The third division, The Big Deal, seven matches and as many teams as we get, is mostly for eager newer players looking for fun and educational team competition with other newer players. The top team and playoff winner (if different) may play in the qualifying tournament for the Big Show, and will be placed in the Big Ticket if unsuccessful. The top half of The Big Deal, plus any team earning 70VPs in seven matches, qualifies for the Big Ticket play-in tournament, playing in the Big Deal again if unsuccessful. Teams eligible for a play-in tournament may choose to play in the lower division without qualifying. New teams with more than 2000 average masterpoints may play in the Big Show play-in tournament; new teams with more than 750 average masterpoints may play in The Big Ticket play-in tournament. IMPORTANT: If you register in a Play-In tournament and are unsuccessful, you MUST play in the next lower division, but will have several opportunities to advance for the next season. (If you refuse to play after failing to qualify, we will not accept an entry containing any of your team members until two full seasons have passed: don't do this.) The qualifying play-in tournaments will be held on Friday January 15, at 7pm and will consist of one or two short matches to decide who gets the open slots.
Extra Information / Questions
Or you can e-mail me at ooga@shaw.ca
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