E*V*I*L (Electronic Vancouver IMP League) Registration Form for Season Twelve (now OPEN)
Registration is now OPEN for Season Twelve, which (depending on the preference of players for a switch to WEDNESDAY evenings) will begin on June 7, and conclude on August 2, with two weeks of playoffs to follow and two off weeks (June 14, opposite the Penticton Regional, and July 19, opposite the NABC in Chicago).  The deadline for registering is 4pm Pacific time on Thursday June 1.  If you want in, check the main page and maybe contact a team captain and see if they need a sub.

Season Twelve of E*V*I*L ([E]lectronic [V]ancouver [I]MP [L]eague) will follow a two-week hiatus to co-ordinate and synchronize with Vancouver Bridge Centre plans to start live evening games in early June, probably on Tuesday and Thursday.  This will, assuming players are OK with the change, likely result in a switch to WEDNESDAY evenings for Season Twelve and beyond, taking us away from our conflict with the other popular league that plays matches on Tuesday evenings about two hours before ours.  If signups explode to more than thirteen teams, we will have Swiss Team qualifying games at some point before Week One but this seems unlikely.  Schedules will be on the main page Friday afternoon, June 2.

Season Thirteen registration will open in early August and will close on Thursday, August 17, 2023 at 4pm Pacific time.  If you have not signed up by the deadline it will be assumed your team is NOT in for Season Thirteen, but I will send out reminders in BBO messages as the deadline approaches.  All teams MUST register; I will NOT assume you are continuing, in fact, I will assume the opposite if you DON'T register.  If your team's roster or eligibility changes after you register, just complete the form again with updated info and I'll figure it out.

ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT: If you sign up your team to play in E*V*I*L and are unhappy with the division you are placed in after the qualifying games, you MUST play a season in the assigned division.  Quitting will get ALL of your team members an enforced hiatus from playing in the league of a minimum of two full seasons and you will restart no higher than the division you wanted to avoid.  It's only nine weeks until the next chance to qualify for the division you want to be in.  Earn your way back!

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A New Team, a Returning Team, an incomplete team? *
Your team is a NEW team if it has replaced or added more than one-third of the regular players who played for your team in E*V*I*L Season Ten: if your team is mostly the same as the one in either of those, you are a CONTINUING team.  (A continuing team may choose a new captain and this does not count as a roster change.)  If your team is a continuing team, you may have earned the right to play or qualify for a higher division by finishing top three, or by the fourth-place team winning the playoffs in E*V*I*L Season Ten.  These teams will be given the top seeds.  All other teams will be ranked based on: 1) VPs in the qualifying Swiss games (play both, take your best score), 2) Divisions and VPs in E*V*I*L Season Ten, 3) masterpoint average.
Which Weeknight Does Your Team Prefer? *
Players on your team *
If your RETURNING team is completely unchanged from E*V*I*L Season Eleven and your captain is the same person, 'no changes' is all you need to enter below!   If you have only one or two changes, no need to include the full revised list: I only need the BBO name of all replaced and added players (be sure to designate which is which).  For a NEW or INCOMPLETE team, I need BBO names of ALL players on your team, and the name of the captain.  ALL CONTACTS BETWEEN CAPTAINS WILL BE DONE BY BBO MESSAGE, NOT REGULAR E-MAIL (so e-mail addresses are not needed).  I will contact captains if I am unsure of who the real person is behind a BBO name (or you can supply that info below if you wish).
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Or you can e-mail me at ooga@shaw.ca
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