Health related attitudes towards the HPV vaccine. (2)


    Thank you for choosing to participate in my study. The purpose of this questionnaire is to study health related attitudes, specifically attitudes towards the Human Papillovirus (HPV) vaccine. All data will be held in utmost confidentiality and at no time will you be asked to disclose your name. The study will present you with a text which you will read through and afterwards you will be given a number of questions to which you will be asked to respond. After the study is completed, you briefed as to the goal of the study. If you have any further enquiries, an email address is provided to get in touch with the author of the questionnaire as well as the research supervisor. The questionnaire takes under 15 minutes to complete. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to email:

    Informed Consent

    In agreeing to participate in this research I understand the following: The research is being conducted by Robert Spencer, an undergraduate student, at the Department of Psychology, National University of Ireland, Maynooth. The method proposed for this research project has been approved in principle by the Departmental Ethics Committee, which means that the Committee does not have any concerns about the procedure itself as detailed by the student. It is, however, the student’s responsibility to adhere to ethical guidelines in their dealings with participants and the collection and handling of data. If I have any concerns about participation I understand that I may refuse to participate or withdraw at any stage. I have been informed as to the general nature of the study and agree voluntarily to participate. There are no known expected discomforts or risks associated with participation. All the data from the study will be treated confidentially. The data from all participants will be compiled, analysed, and submitted in a report to the Psychology Department. No participant’s data will be identified by name at any stage of the data analysis or in the final report. At the conclusion of my participation, any questions or concerns I have will be fully addressed. Please continue onto the next page to begin questionnaire.